Thursday, 6 June 2013


Penang 2nd Bridge now collapsed and if this is the bridge that were to happen in any BN state ( back then SAMY Vellu ) then 1000 Arrows will be coming from Pakatan Rakyat . They will say is corruption.

1 lives dies in custody then automatically DAP is accusing it is BN fault. Now 4 lives dies in the bridge that they develop Malayakini just reported "Ini adalah kemalangan yang paling buruk melibatkan binaan yang pernah berlaku di Pulau Pinang.

Kalau BN then BN is zalim , menyebabkan kematian dan rasuah. Kalau DAP? ini kemalagan. Well done to the news portal being funded by NED.

Now I start to be belief segala yang berlaku mesti ada hikmahnya. Kekalahan BN in Penang for GE 13 may be a blessings from God. If BN take over BN now then I dare to assure that DAP will start putting all the entire BLAME TO BN . THEY WILL SAY LOOK A BRIDGE FALL UNDER BN ADMINISTRATION and during the last 5 years DAP in power why the bridge never collapsed ? ( typical of DAP )

Now trust me. LGE and DAP will soon accused BN for the fall of the bridge. All their entire weakness and problems will be push forward to BN . ( as usual ).

I hope my Penang Friends can start playing this issue and please play this long enough ( jangan hangat - hangat tahi ayam ). Those who are from Penang and need any assistance do let me know. I will launch a proper campaign to question DAP and LGE regarding this 2nd bridge.

Is time to fight them and fight them hard - SYA
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BRIDGE FALL UNDER BN ADMINISTRATION Daeng Selili Rating: 5 Thursday, 6 June 2013
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